Equipment Breakdown

Coverage Description:

Covers described property against all risk of Direct Physical Loss or Damage unless otherwise excluded. Repair or Replacement Cost included (not limited to the same site).

Blanket Property:

Objects Limits of Liability Deductibles
Transformers Based on Values 150% of the average KVA capacity *subject to $25,000 minimum
Substations Reported Replacement Cost $5,000 minimum
Mobile Equipment Cost $5,000 minimum

*Deductible for Transformers is 150% of KVA capacity expressed in a dollar amound: e.g. 20,000 KVA = $30,000 deductible

Inspections and servicing, including electrical and chemical testing of transformers over 5,000 KVA and safety inspections to satisfy all state and municipal code and ordinance requirements, performed by the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company.

Hartford Steam Boiler’s transformer oil & gas analysis (TOGA) program: TOGA is designed to identify transformer problems and prevent unexpected equipment failure. As an alternative, if you use another credible vendor for transformer oil and gas testing, HSB will review the vendor’s reports and make recommendations for your consideration. If an insured decline to participate in the TOGA program (or another program acceptable to HSB) transformers over 30 years of age and not rewound will be covered on an Actual Cash Value basis; the maximum depreciation will be 50% for transformers 30 years or older.


Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company
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